Agent 939 FX

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De Agent 939-frame wikkelt zich met een gebogen basis 8-lens voor volledige bescherming, samen met de grote en gedurfde slaapzijde voor zijdelingse lichtbescherming. Bomber scharnieren en verzonken rubberen neuspads maken de Agent 939 een comfortabel en duurzaam gereedschap.

Lens Technology

Method Seven delivers the Fx, a scientific formulation for comfort, visual acuity, safety and performance. The world’s first organic lens to block significant infrared heat energy, which keeps your eyes cool and moist. This is a polycarbonate lightweight lens. The fx lens was designed and developed by Method Seven with over two years of research in collaboration with engineers, optical physicists, ophthalmologists and manufacturing at Carl Zeiss Vision. The lens is perfect for Full Spectrum LED and is also great for urban life outside the grow.

Frame Technology

The Agent 939 frame wraps with a curved base 8 lens for full protection along with big and bold temple side for side light protection. Bomber hinges and recessed rubber nose pads make the Agent 939 a comfortable and durable tool. The Agent 939 frame is comfortable and flexible as it's made with TR90! TR90 was produced through Swiss technology as a thermoplastic material that is incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight. Eyewear made with TR90 have a flexible quality that allows them to bend under pressure and contour your face comfortably.


The Agent 939 Fx filters and blocks light so effectively it doesn’t need to be super dark, so your eyes can work naturally even in very bright conditions providing the best experience for your eyes, your plants and your lifestyle.


Budmaster COB-2 € 325,00 € 250,00
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