What is this redundancy you are mentioning we hear you ask, well non-technical people may think that redundancy is what happens when a company lays off employees but in the technical world it means something slightly different.

To us redundancy means basically that any component part should effect as few other component parts as possible in the event of a failure, so say for example that you are on a jet plane and one of the engines breaks down this is not usually a problem as each engine is independent and has good redundancy so it does not affect any other part of the plane or its overall function aside from some loss of output.

We apply the same kind of rock solid redundancy in our Budmaster LED Grow Lights and ensure that in the event of a power supply or led failure that only the one cluster and power supply are affected by this and the rest of your light will carry on functioning just fine but with lower output until your replacement part arrive.

All other 4G grow lights that we have tested use a 2 cluster to 1 power supply model which means that if the power supply fails you lose 2 clusters, also to make things worse all other 4g lights aside from Budmaster and Apollo link 2 clusters together to pass the power through and this means that if 1 led fails then you lose 2 clusters.

We think that this is just bad design and can’t believe that bad designs like this every got any further than the drawing board with such bad redundancy, but hey we don’t live in a perfect world.

So to summarise Redundancy Good in Technical terms and Redundancy Bad in Employment terms and again you just can’t beat a Budmaster.

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